What People Are Saying…

“ I am a Vietnam Veteran. When I recently had to have part of my lung removed, I was given some “Healing Gowns” to wear during my stay at the Phoenix VA Hospital. I especially liked the looks of the Camo patterned gown, and also that my butt stayed covered while I did my PT walking around the halls. Having pockets for my phone and to carry other belongings was helpful too. When Audrey asked me if I would give some more gowns to other veterans, I was happy to do so. I met oth er Vets of all ages and made some new friends while I was giving them out. Most of the guys were really stoked to be given a gift of their own gown, and to know that they are still appreciated for their service. It lifted everyone’s spirits to know that they were being thought of. I know that Audrey has a special place in her heart for those of us who served in Vietnam, and she continues to support all veterans with her Healing Gowns business. Greg Persons 119th AHC Gator Purple Heart Recipient ”

Greg Persons , AZ, Phoenix

Characteristics of a Healing Gown

  • Comfortable – Soft smooth 100% cotton fabric and innovative gown design.
  • Practical – Specially designed for medical/hospital setting and endorsed as superior by medical professionals.
  • Personal – The patient feels and looks special.  The fabric feels soft and comfortable. And friends can even write their own personal messages on the gown with the included fabric pen.

Love and Healing in a Gown